Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blogy... I miss u...!

long time no see my blogy... miss u so much. as you know, now i'm so busy with my new job (not really, cause i've been working for a month), my new business and my new life. job huh? it isn't a 'high-level job', just an assistance at the bookshop, Pustaka Seri Intan Gong Badak (PSI GB). first day at my work, they had given the pens' section and photostat to me. as i able to memorize all types of pen and their function easily, they agreed to let me worked at this section. 

OK, no.2, new business? hahaha... don't know how to explain, but this is the reality. before i got the job, my father didn't give any opportunity for me to work, as he scared i'll be disturbed by anyone outside there. so, my lonely life came. 
My routine:
     - wake up in the morning
     - eat my meal
     - watch the television
     - and... when the night come, i go to sleep.

ARGHHHHH!!!! BORING............!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at last, Google helped me by showing some creative art that can make a business. a key-chain makes from felt-cloth...! this is really make me remember to Wani, my TESL's friend. she is the one who really love to make this type of art at our campus and it's really cute. so, i tried to learn and designed some shapes and... sold them to my siblings' friend. thank to God, i get many orders and the incomes are so... WOW!!! i think you should try too, who know you can get lot of money from it. i decide to upload the pictures of my creation, but... i still not take the pictures of them. hehehe... sorry. i promise i'll upload them in my next post.

lastly, the third, new life...
     why a new life? i don't know, but i think i try to get well in this new life. what is it? i can't tell you, but one day, when i'm ready (or i think i'm strong enough), i'll tell you what is the meaning of 'My New Life Of Me'.. :)