Thursday, 3 November 2011

can't sleep now

argh!!! i though i can be as cool as my friends, but i'm not. there are two days more, and the result will come out. 

Hope i get a nice result.

ok, relax... don't think too much. argh!!! can't relax more. i need someone to calm me now!!! i can't help myself now!!! 


Choc Cake

today, i really bored... it was raining all day long. nothing outdoor activities i can do... i was just 'facebook'ing, finishing my assignment, listening K-pop and becoming like "sleeping beauty's princess". 

so, i started to think, "what i suppose to do now?". i walked around my home until i saw two eggs on the cabinet at kitchen. Surfing my memory, what kind of recipe that i can do with these two eggs. ha... Choc Cake. there have been a long time i never bake a cake. so, i decided to bake it.

took just only an hour, my Choc Cake already baked. so sweet and fluffy. i love my Choc Cake.

oh, to my friend, i'll bake for you a cake next time... ok? and i'll bring it to campus.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

1st November 2011

first day of November...
and first posts in my new blog...

don't know what to share now, just want to update. it's okay, right? anyway, next time, i'll do the best in my newy blog...