Thursday, 3 November 2011

Choc Cake

today, i really bored... it was raining all day long. nothing outdoor activities i can do... i was just 'facebook'ing, finishing my assignment, listening K-pop and becoming like "sleeping beauty's princess". 

so, i started to think, "what i suppose to do now?". i walked around my home until i saw two eggs on the cabinet at kitchen. Surfing my memory, what kind of recipe that i can do with these two eggs. ha... Choc Cake. there have been a long time i never bake a cake. so, i decided to bake it.

took just only an hour, my Choc Cake already baked. so sweet and fluffy. i love my Choc Cake.

oh, to my friend, i'll bake for you a cake next time... ok? and i'll bring it to campus.

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