Monday, 30 January 2012


mmm... i don't know how to express his happiness after i told him i'm going to annual dinner too. hehehe...

before this, i always keep secret from telling him, as i want to make him surprise to see me at there. but, he had a problem that he can't be prevented, and that made him moody and didn't want to draw a smile to me. so, i started thinking what should i do to change that kind of atmosphere. my brain can't think another ideas but push me to tell him about annual dinner.

so, i told him

"4th Feb i'll go out to change a thing at China Town. would you follow me?"
"what thing?"
"do you go to annual dinner?"
"i go, but i feel not interested to it actually"
"you're not there for me, so how am i happy to be there"
"this 4th Feb, i'm going to choose again my dress for annual dinner. so, you're coming or not?"
he was too excited, until he paused awhile to see me whether i was lying to him or not. his face was too red (too excited and furious to me), and he pinched my cheeks hardly as i can still feel the pain now. although i feel the pain, i'm feeling happy too. by making he happy, the calmness will wrap me forever.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Blue Flying Lantern

23th January 2012...
          first day of Chinese New Year,
                    first time i played a flying lantern... hehe :)

it has been a long time, i waited to play this kind of lantern. at last, my dream comes true. last night, i went to TC with 'him' (can't tell his name, he's too special for me & NOT FOR OTHERS!). as soon we arrived there,  we heard and saw fireworks first from car park. there were too many and colorful and so bright. so, he brought me to the coast to see clearly the beautiful sparkling flowers in the sky. but, we don't get an opportunity... to watch it, more closer. 

when standing with frustration inside, a glowing red lantern has given us interest and happiness back. one family, Chinese's family was lighting up the candle inside the lantern, they were too excited as according to their belief, if the lantern flies away, all of our wishes will be fulfilled. we saw they wrote some hopes on the lantern before lighting up it. after analyzing how they flied the lantern, asking people around where can i get it, we decided to buy and fly it by ourselves (as it was our first time with flying lantern).

a blue flying lantern, the lantern that he chose at the shop. i still remember, we can't wait anymore to fly it as we immediately opened, widen the lantern and lighted the candle. after the candle inflamed, both of us hold the lantern face-to-face and waited until it ready to fly. that was the most moment i loved, the moment to see it fly away over us. fortunately, Alhamdulillah... the lantern flied away although it stuck at the trees as the wind changed their direction.

it was the most happiest moment which happened in this January of 2012. i hope, there are still many surprises waiting for me in the future... Amin.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Waiting for 'him'...

2 hours, i'm waiting. where are you now? i'm alone in my princess's chamber. please save me.. huhuhu...

where is my prince?
where is my hero?
where is my savior?

please... help me!!! the dragon of loneliness has guarded, watched and tortured me every hours, every minutes and every seconds..! please, hurry up. come to me... and save me...NOW!!! this chamber has become smaller, darker and even haunted to me... i'm scared.

*p/s: i just wait for someone, but i don't know why i imagine it as i'm in fairy tale. ^_^

Today + Holiday = What to do??

9.30 am - i woke up
as today is holiday, i decide to wake up later then before. first i thought i'll sleep until 12 noon (OMG!!!), but... because of fireworks of Chinese New Year, i woke up early (but not too early. hehee).

10.00 am - still not take a bath
although today is too hot, but i still don't want to take bath. so, turn on my small red laptop, check my boring but many posts from friends in facebook and decorate my cutie blog (is it cute?)

12.30 noon - again, still not take a bath and breakfast (am i fasting now?)
argh!!! i'm done, decorate my blog. although it looks simple, but i like it. just a simple like me, a simple girl in this world. ok, stop typing and go to bath now. by-by my newy, cutie blogy... (erk? blogy? ---- whatever...)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Just a "Side" of me...

i always say to other people, if you see your boyfriend/girlfriend with the other boy/girl, don't be too jealous, as he/she just talking, joking each other but his/her heart still yours.


when it happens to me, i can't help myself, i just tearing inside. i try to motivate myself with my own words, it's helpless... i also a human, a weak human, have feeling of 'jealous' too... God, please help me, please give me strength to face all of this. Amin...