Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Today + Holiday = What to do??

9.30 am - i woke up
as today is holiday, i decide to wake up later then before. first i thought i'll sleep until 12 noon (OMG!!!), but... because of fireworks of Chinese New Year, i woke up early (but not too early. hehee).

10.00 am - still not take a bath
although today is too hot, but i still don't want to take bath. so, turn on my small red laptop, check my boring but many posts from friends in facebook and decorate my cutie blog (is it cute?)

12.30 noon - again, still not take a bath and breakfast (am i fasting now?)
argh!!! i'm done, decorate my blog. although it looks simple, but i like it. just a simple like me, a simple girl in this world. ok, stop typing and go to bath now. by-by my newy, cutie blogy... (erk? blogy? ---- whatever...)

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