Monday, 30 January 2012


mmm... i don't know how to express his happiness after i told him i'm going to annual dinner too. hehehe...

before this, i always keep secret from telling him, as i want to make him surprise to see me at there. but, he had a problem that he can't be prevented, and that made him moody and didn't want to draw a smile to me. so, i started thinking what should i do to change that kind of atmosphere. my brain can't think another ideas but push me to tell him about annual dinner.

so, i told him

"4th Feb i'll go out to change a thing at China Town. would you follow me?"
"what thing?"
"do you go to annual dinner?"
"i go, but i feel not interested to it actually"
"you're not there for me, so how am i happy to be there"
"this 4th Feb, i'm going to choose again my dress for annual dinner. so, you're coming or not?"
he was too excited, until he paused awhile to see me whether i was lying to him or not. his face was too red (too excited and furious to me), and he pinched my cheeks hardly as i can still feel the pain now. although i feel the pain, i'm feeling happy too. by making he happy, the calmness will wrap me forever.

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