Saturday, 4 February 2012

Boring + Tension = Not satisfied with myself

i'm not boring coz i don't have works to do, but i'm boring coz i can't do the works now. it makes me dizzy now. many of assignments, other tasking and even problems happen to me. let me do a check list first:
1. Case Study (TED072) - don't know how to relate with theories
2. The meaning of 'Rukun Iman' (CTU082) - doesn't start
3. Argumentative essay (TSL022) - when we should start it???
4. The Bemuda Triangle (TSL032) - i still not doing any research....
5. Storytelling, Radio Drama, Reader's Theater (TLD092) - still not memorize and practice
finish for the assignment... other tasking???
1. Script for English Week - i have already finished a quarter of the script
2. The Lost City Of Atlantis - still not search the fact
3. A Capella project - need to find members 
argh!!! many works to do and must be finished!!! and problem, stop coming and disturbing me... please...


  1. Pergh... busy giler!
    It's compulsory to complete BP this weekend