Monday, 27 February 2012


i'm really feel guilty to him now. yes, it was my fault. make a promise, but not make it. i have promised with him to call him at midnight, but as i was falling asleep, i didn't call him.
when i woke up this morning, i tried to call him. but it failed. i thought he was still sleeping. so, i tried not to bother him. at the afternoon, i tried again, but also failed, and it made me worried. until my friend, also his drama group called me, whether i had contacted with him today or not. i said, i also didn't get any contact with him. so, i became more worried. i tried again to call him, and text him. fail!!! then, i decided to call his sister. his sister said that he still sleeping. argh!!! lastly, i got to talk with him. i scolded him, because he had made me worried and his drama group waited him for 4 hours.
after i called him, i read my inbox in facebook, i saw he had sent me a message this morning, at 3 am, waiting for me to call him. now i know, why he was still sleeping when i called his sister. he waited for me until dawn. but i,... i scolded him, as he not answered my calls. it was my fault actually... i'm sorry (but i don't think by saying "i'm sorry", will pay back all that i have done to him).

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