Monday, 20 February 2012

Annual Dinner UiTM Foundation in TESL & Law 2011/2012

hi, hi, hi!!!
Just a simple me
it's me again (actually, it's not "again", because this is my blog. haha...). oh, as you can see, this is my picture at the annual dinner at The Zenith yesterday. look so grand huh? hehehe... the white lavender is the true theme for this annual, but as many girls could find any dresses in purple color, so we decided to wear any color that we want. so, i wore the long-sleeves turquoise dress with the set of pearl necklace and bracelet and the black belt. is it too simple?...

anyway, my beloved also went there. he is too handsome and looks dashing. i love people who look very attractive.
He is too a good-looking man, right?
i have already uploaded my picture with him. aren't we a nice couple? May God bless both of us. Amin...

and not forgotten to all my friends, Teslians, i miss you guys for-ever and i won't regret to be friend with you. i hope, wherever we are, we will always happy and remember all the memories that we have done. Our journey from may 2011 until mac 2012 must be stuck at our minds for-ever.

for my lectures, (Madam Jue, Madam An, Madam Shima, Madam Laily, Mr Nawawi, Ustaz Fathir,  Madam Hashimah,
She is really my roommate and my princess.
 Dr Rahmah), i love you all, and thank because you have to bear and accept with my type of naughtiness, laziness and talkativeness. hehehe...

my roommate, Nurrah Nadzirah a.k.a gg... you really look gorgeous yesterday, even i, your roommate can't recognize you. anyway, best try to surprise me, princess...